Porsche Boxter Running on Compressed Air - Not so Fast (Literally)

AltCar Expo brought many exciting new technologies to the automotive world and the eco-friendly Santa Monica community.

Perhaps none of the technology showcase cars on display garnered as much attention as the MIIN-Air Porsche Boxster, which, as it sounds, is a Boxster converted to run solely on compressed air. While it is, for Glenn Bell of Air Fuel Auto, certainly a wonderful idea to pursue, it is not exactly ready to challenge stock Boxsters on the freeway.

The MIIN-Air carries a measured top speed of 45 mph, and at current time has a range of not quite 50 miles. While these numbers are not ready to win over any air car converts just yet and the method for power delivery is relatively inefficient, it is certainly a promising technology. The MIIN-AIR Boxster was available for test drive for the select few lucky enough to get on the list, and we can attest to the fact that it does indeed run. With no gasoline engine anywhere and massive compressed air tanks filling every compartment, is this the future of green automotive technology or...sorry...just a bunch of hot air.

photos by jesse sears for Save the Planet | Not the Hippies

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