Burbank Signs Natural Gas Deal

From the San Fernando Valley Business Journal website

The City of Burbank has extended for an additional 14 years a partnership for compressed natural gas from Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

Clean Fuels opened its first natural gas station in 2002 and under the modified agreement will design, build and operate a new station at the Burbank Public Works Yard to support the city’s growing fleet of natural gas-powered refuse trucks.

The effort will significantly support the City’s efforts to meet its sustainability goals and reduce its carbon footprint, while enhancing both the health and environmental benefits of all its citizens,” said James Harger, Clean Energy Senior Vice President.

Waxman Wins Battle for Key Chairmanship

Rep. Henry Waxman was successful in his bid to remove another Democrat, Rep. John Dingell, from his position as chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Dingell, the most senior member of the House, represents Michigan, the automaker's state while Waxman gains his constitutency from California, which has been battling the EPA and automakers to set even greater emissions reductions and efficiency increases.

The vote was close, 137-122, and signals a significant increase in California's Capitol Hill power.

Obama Addresses Los Angeles Climate Conference

Gov. Schwarzenegger announced Barack Obama as a surprise guest speaker at the Governors Global Climate Summit he hosted in Los Angeles on Nov. 18 and 19. Obama addressed the gathering via this four-minute video. Enjoy!

Chevrolet Volt Smashes EPA Fuel Economy Rating Methods

The day is finally upon us where passenger cars running on more than straight ol' war starting fossil fuel are hitting the mainstream. While this is great for consumers all around, it is forcing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rethink their methods for testing a car's fuel economy. The last generation of hybrid cars, like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, ran their gasoline and electric motors at the same time, making fuel economy estimates easier.

But how do you test fuel economy for a car like the Chevy Volt, which will be able to run for around 40 miles on electricity alone? Traditional EPA test methods include stretches of highway and city mileage around 11 miles long, which the Volt can pull off without ever using a sip of fuel. So how do you rate it? Many have called for a new EPA testing system that will be fair to all new cars and automakers, and still give consumers a good idea what they can expect to pay at the pump.

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