Newsweek recently came out with a list of what it called The Greenest Big Companies in America. It's incredibly disappointing -- they really should have stopped at the top 25.

The 65th Greenest Company in America, Medtronics, lives right here in Northridge. Here's what Newsweek had to say about why it ranked in the Top 100:

In 2008, (Medtronics) recycled 44% of its total solid waste, a 5% increase from the previous year. Also has made small efforts to eliminate controversial substances, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), from products. But beyond setting short-term goals on air emissions, the medical device manufacturer has announced few other plans.

Really? that's it? They recycled? Is that all it takes to be this high up on the list? I'm afraid that if I read any further I'll just pop a vein.

Cal State Northridge Sustainability Efforts

The most recent issue of Northridge Magazine, the alumni magazine of Cal State Northridge, is an ode to the wide variety of sustainability initiatives on the campus.
The Physical Plant Department has been leading the way in energy efficiency for more than 20 years and the campus boasts the largest fuel cell power plant of any university in the world.
On Tuesday, Oct. 20, CSUN will be hosting its first Water Day. Leave your super soakers at home -- this is a free educational event, open to the public, that will include workshops and lectures on the water issues facing California (past and present), tips and tricks to increase personal water efficiency, updates from DWP and others on the future of water, and more.
Then on Wednesday is Campus Sustainability Day. Workshops and roundtables to invite the local and campus community to discuss sustainaibility issues and presentations by CSUN students about sustainability research and projects. From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., join the Associated Students Environmental Affairs Committee at the Orange Grove. Help pick oranges that will be used in campus food services and donated to local food banks.
At 5 p.m. Hillel Center will be hosting a Sustainable Gardening Social. Exchange a non-perishable food item (to be donated to a local food bank) and in return you'll get dinner, including produce from their experimental food garden, and a show!