Santa Clarita Firm Applies for Solar Cell Patent

From the San Fernando Valley Business Journal website Posted 9/30/2008

Bio-Solar Inc. has applied for a patent for improvements to produce solar cells from renewable plant sources.

The Santa Clarita-based company already makes its BioBacksheet product at a 25 percent cost reduction by using plant sources rather than petroleum-based parts. The patent application is for a new material configuration and manufacturing technique to produce a version of the solar cells that can potentially deliver a 50% reduction in cost.

Bio-Solar shipped BioBacksheet samples to a select group of manufacturers for their evaluation in several regions of the country.

“Initial test results are very encouraging and we continue to receive positive feedback and be responsive to the needs of potential buyers,” said Bio-Solar CEO David Lee,. “With solar cell demand expected to exceed supply for the next 5 to 10 years, we believe there is tremendous opportunity for growth.”

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