Green Job Growth to Benefit California

A study by researchers from the Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness shows that growth in sustainable industries could directly benefit California, among other states.

"Manufacturing Climate Solutions" identifies manufacturing jobs that already exist and which new ones might get started as the U.S. moves forward in its sustainability policies.

"Until now, there was no tangible evidence of what the jobs are, how they are created and what it means for U.S. workers. We are providing that here," said Gary Gereffi, the report’s lead author. "We don't guess where the jobs are; we name them. Our report uses value chains to show that clean technology jobs are also real economy jobs."

These five carbon-reducing technologies with potential for future green job creation were the subject of the study:

- Concentrating solar power

- LED lighting

- High-performance windows

- Auxiliary power units for long-haul trucks

- Super Soil Systems (a new method for treating hog wastes)

The report includes a detailed breakdown of the supply chains that provide parts and labor for these five industries and also identifies companies already positioned to support green jobs.