L.A. County Approved New 'Green' Ordinances

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved three new ordinances that they hope will improve the quality of life in Los Angeles.

As reported in the Los Angeles Daily News, the three ordinances will require builders of new homes, and businesses, to "use power more efficiently, retain storm water on site, and use drought-tolerant plants."

More on this to follow...

The San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center has reported a marked decline in air quality in large swatches of the San Fernando Valley, coupled with a decline in the ozone layer reports Daily Sundial Staff Reporter Reiko Kanazawa for the CSU Northridge student daily publication.

Writes Kanazawa:

The particulate concentrations in the East Valley are rising and mixed results were found for the West Valley, which is worse by state standards but better by federal standards, according to the study.

Besides ozone and particulates, all pollution measures registered well below federal and state standards and their levels either fell or remained low, the study said.

The dichotomy between state of California and federal pollution standards shows just how stringent California has become in tackling gross polluters, of which there are many in the industry-heavy San Fernando Valley.

As one of the most dedicated local news sources in the Valley, serving the CSU Northridge community, the Daily Sundial consistently reports these concerns in a way that your average anti-treehugginghippie environmentalite can understand.

And we're not biased. Not at all (:

The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute video that makes an even better case for personal environmentalism than Inconvenient Truth in my humble opinion. Why, you ask? Mainly because it shows how the consumption of everything, not just natural resources, is impacting the world. Buy less stuff, save the world (and money, too!) Watch the whole video by going to The Story of Stuff website. Here's a teaser video