Another NC Votes For Bike Lanes

Glenn Bailey, chair of the City of LA Bicycle Advisory Committee reported via e-mail that the Reseda Neighborhood Council has added its YAY (or yea, if you wanna get technical) vote for more bike lanes in the Valley. Following is the full text of his email.

"In response to the recent Reseda Boulevard peak hour motor vehicle lanes versus bicycle lanes controversy, the Reseda Neighborhood Council board voted overwhelmingly Monday night to support the installation of bicycle lanes on Reseda Boulevard "where feasible."

According to a map presented by the Department of Transportation's Paul Meshkin, there is currently adequate width on Reseda Boulevard between Valerio Street on the south and Chase Street on the north, a distance of approximately one mile, to allow for such lanes.

The remaining stretch in Reseda between Vanowen and Valerio streets is too narrow to allow for bicycle lanes without the removal of parking or traffic lanes but will be studied for bicycle route designation (signage only), Meshkin said."

Make YOUR voice heard by reviewing AND COMMENTING ON the draft bike plan before Nov. 6.

Eco- and Wallet-Friendly Shoes

Just saw an article in the Daily Sundial (the Cal State Northridge daily newspaper)about a line of eco-friendly shoes introduced by Payless Shoesource in April. They're cute, cheap, and use organic, natural and recycled materials (mostly). Check them out!