Environmental Curriculum Approved Statewide

The Cal/EPA announced today that the California Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) Curriculum was approved for use in K-12 classrooms statewide. The State Board of Education voted for it unanimously.

“Students of all grade levels love learning about the environment around them,” said Linda Adams, Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency. “With the approval of the State Board of Education, the EEI Curriculum takes important science and history-social science academic standards that every student needs to understand and uses the environment to teach those standards to mastery.  Along the way, the EEI makes learning relevant and fun, and we’re pleased that this new curriculum will be an in-depth resource for California educators statewide.”

Visit www.CaliforniaEEI.org to see all of the 85 EEI Curriculum units.  Many are still in their “final draft” version, but final versions are being posted weekly.  By Fall of 2010, the entire curriculum will be available for download free of charge.