Happy America Recycles Day!

Business Recycling Made Easy(er)

Tonight my husband told me that the person who used to pick-up his company's used cardboard boxes to recycle has stopped doing it because the price he was getting for the material has dropped drastically. Now what can he do?

A quick Google search first turned up a company cleverly named usedcardboardboxes.com. Businesses with a minimum of 1,000 same-size cardboard boxes can contact the business to have their waste picked up.

But my husband's Chatsworth-based business doesn't have that kind of output, so we next found a nifty resource closer to home on the DWP website. The site asks what kind of material you have to recycle, and then pops out a list of every recycler in Los Angeles County that accepts that material along with address and phone number. It's a little tedious to find someone in your specific area but it's doable.

Waxman Wants Key Energy Post

The Sacramento Bee reported yesterday that U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, whose 30th District includes much of the West Valley, is attempting to replace Rep. John Dingell of Michigan as the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Click here to read Sacramento Bee article in its totality.