Come Meet the "Not the Hippies" Team at Alt Car Expo!

Greetings to all 6 of our loyal readers.

We'd like to point out a noteworthy event most worthy of your attendance happening in Santa Monica, Calif., this Friday and Saturday Sept. 26 and 27.

The Alt Car Expo, an annual event where patchouli-biodiesel types can mix it up with the scientists and businessmen who are, much to their delight and quite beyond their comprehension, spearheading advances allowing them to live their "free" lifestyle all the more cheaply.

There, you will be able to obtain information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint, save money and make your chosen mode of transportation go just that much faster, all in a few simple steps.

And, you can see cool little machines like these!

If you think you might be attending, drop us a comment! We would love to see you, and we will buy you some kombucha that was cultured in Willie Nelson's tour bus... or something like that.


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Professor said...

I hope you can share some of your findings about this event tomorrow in class.