Food Justice with Patt Morrison - Town Hall Event

Local public radio station KPCC will be hosting a special Town Hall event with Patt Morrison on July 15 with a mouthful of a title: Navigating L.A.’s Food Deserts: How to Ensure Equal Access to Healthy Food & Fresh Produce.

The event takes place Thursday, July 15, in Pasadena at the Crawford Family Forum and Mohn Broadcast Center. A press release said that Morrison ..."will spend an hour with those on the front lines of food justice to explore L.A.'s food deserts and the efforts to attract more grocery stores, farmers' markets and community gardens into these underserved, and often forgotten, communities."

There's no charge to attend but reservations are required. To learn more about this event, or to RSVP, visit

Photo Credit: David McNew, Getty Images