Earth Day Water Expo at Balboa Park

I'm really excited about the Earth Day Water Expo happening Thursday, April 22, at Balboa Park.

For one thing, it starts at 6 p.m. so those of us who work all day can still celebrate Earth Day.

For another, they are going to have a whole mess o' vendors there with water-saving devices, landscaping tips, plant consultations, and the like.

DWP reps will be there too and I'm very interested in learning more about the so-called "Cash for Grass" program. (Think front lawns, not 4/20 folks). It's also referred to as the SoCal Water Smart program or the LADWP/MWD Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program.

The Expo is free and with more than 20 valuable raffle prizes you could actually end up in the plus column. Of course you'll for sure at least learn one useful thing you can take home regardless.

Do Earth Day right and take the Orange Line to avoid parking hassles or ride your bike (make sure your lights are charged up). The Sports Center building is on the Burbank end of the park on the West side of Balboa.

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