Galaxy of Goo

West Hills resident Bonnie Klea is vivacious and no-nonsense. She won a battle over a rare bladder cancer diagnosed in 1995, and has long suspected the toxins that taint a big piece of land near her home — land on which, if Los Angeles planners get their way, more building will soon be allowed.
That's the lead paragraph of investigative journalist Michael Collins' latest article on the many shenanigans surrounding the repurposing of various former aerospace sites in the San Fernando and Simi valleys. Published by the L.A. Weekly on March 4, Collins sheds light on recent moves by developers to build office buildings on the former DeVry University property in Canoga Park.

Another story Collins uncovered recently reports on KB Homes efforts to build on land in Runkle Canyon in Simi Valley that is contaminated with the toxic substance benzo(a)anthracene (published in the April 16 issue of the Ventura County Reporter). To read these articles and other past and present investigations by the award-winning journalist, visit

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