Wedding Gown Goes Green

New entry in the "is that really green?" marketing awards is bridal designer Hanna Hartnell of Santa Monica with her self-designed "sustainable wedding dress."

Today's press release reveals how Hartnell's new design, the Double Dare Gown, can be worn "many times" beyond wedding day and describes the gown not only as cost-effective but recyclable as well.

Turns out that the dress, priced at about $1200 (that's reasonable?) is reversible, with the lining being a different color of the same silk as the wedding side. Hartnell counts the choice of fabric as being earth friendly because she uses natural silk "that's not only sustainable, but processed by a clean technology."

Since the gown can be worn more than once, Hartnell is touting it as "reusable, recycled and reduced," although I think that last word may refer to the cost, not the manufacturing process.

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Lynn said...

Every little bit helps. If you're going to spend $1000 or more, it's great to be able to wear it again. In the 1880's, I believe women wore their wedding dresses to parties during the first year they were married. Of course, then, "parties" were not what they are now!

Wondering whether the silk is from worms that are not killed to get their silk. That would be awesome, but assuming this is not the case if she doesn't tout it.