CSUN, Pacoima Beautiful, Habitat

In a press release from the Cal State Northridge campus, Nichole O'Grady writes about a couple of CSUN professors who are putting their paintbrushes where their pencils have been, teaming up with Pacoima Beautiful and Habitat for Humanity.

And they're bringing their students along with them. O'Grady writes:

"Pacoima has become a focal learning tool for Cal State Northridge professor Kyriakos Pontikis. Together with associate urban studies professor Zeynep Toker and Pacoima Beautiful, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the area, Pontikis and Toker’s students have dedicated a semester to not only helping Pacoima, but also similar current and future communities design more sustainable and livable environments."

To read more, visit the CSUN press website.

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